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Welcome to Bakeinc

April 2021

Welcome to Bakeinc

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Humble Beginnings

Born from the heart of baking, we started out as a humble family-run bakery in 2003. From our ovens came a variety of freshly baked bread, locally designed cakes, pastries and traditional assorted biscuits. 

Over the years we’ve established ourselves as a bakery that inspires a sense of belonging and trust through our quality baked products. And to date, we push on to strive and serve locals, in hopes to share the love of baked goods from one generation to another.  

As a dedicated heartland bakery we aspire to serve your pastry needs. From our signature pineapple tarts to our delightfully decorated cakes, we hope to offer you a taste of tradition and tender childhood memories. 

Now standing strong with over 20 outlets all over Singapore, we’ve truly come a long way of serving our customers’ needs as a local bakery. However with the unfortunate covid-19 outbreak, our physical stores struggled to provide for our customers. Thankfully, with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, Bakeinc too, has finally decided to jump on board with a digital platform of our own. 

Here in our Happenings page we will be posting various articles to keep in touch with our curious consumers—like you!

Alternatively you can also visit us at our facebook and instagram page for a tasteful preview of the goodies we offer!